Do I lease my equipment, do I get a loan, or should I purchase it out right????.  What is my best option.

There are many good financial reasons why you should lease your equipment opposed to taking a loan or purchasing it out right. 


What are the TAX BENEFITS in a lease, you get to deduct the FULL LEASE PAYMENT form your income.   A LOAN from a bank you can only deduct the interest and the amortization of the equipment as it ages.   PURCHASING the equipment out you can only deduct the amortization of the equipment as it ages, plus you take away from the company working capital (cash flow).


So lets say that you have hit a slow peek in your business and you need cash flow.  With a lease we can UNLOCK THE CASH that is tied up in your equipment.  Free up your WORKING CAPITAL for expanding the company.  This can put you a head of the game for those unexpected business expenses that pop up from time to time.  A LOAN or a PURCHASE won't give you the afordablity that you need in this option.  


Down time on equipment costs companies thousands of dollars in repair bills.  Leasing new equipment will get you working again or taking equity out of your existing equipment to recondition the unit will get you back on the road.  Either option you elect to take leasing can alow you this feature.  A LOAN or a PURCHASE won't free up equity or cash. 


Let our leasing specialist guide you through the process and explain the benefits and cost savings you will enjoy with your new lease.



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